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One of the things that inspires us the most, that helps us relax and make us happy are the fantastic combination of art and nature. Add interesting facts, knowledge, fun encounters and culinary pleasures to this list and you will easily see how a day in the Middelheim Museum will tick all your boxes!
The renowned Middelheim castle is our eye-catching feature as well as being a multifaceted elegant refuge.
Antwerp has yet another place to see and be seen. From now on, let’s meet ‘au chateau’ in the MIKA Museum café.
Take a bit of Middelheim home with you: there are stunning books, artful gifts and some interesting discounts to be had in our shop.
A treasure trove for art students, researchers and anyone who appreciates sculpture.
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The Middelheim Museum is a special place where art and nature go hand in hand.
Are you planning a visit alone or with your family, with your class or with your school, with a group or a company? You’ll find a list of all our activities below.
Foto: Ans Brys
The city of Antwerp is home to an international contemporary art scene.