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    There are very few sculpture parks like ours. The museum spent fifty years investing in the development of an impressive collection of artworks.
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Summer exhibitions Ria Pacquée / Ana Mendieta

Ria Pacquée

Festive opening on 25 May 2019
This summer, the Middelheim Museum is welcoming two big names, who both work with performance art: Ria Pacquée and Ana Mendieta. On 25 May the museum will festively open both exhibitions. With an artist talk, performances, guided tours, food trucks and DJs. Ria Pacquée (B, 1954) has been researching the concept of “identity” since the 1970s. She does this using her own body as a tool. Earthbound is the first solo exhibition of Ana Mendieta (1948–1985) in Belgium and will act as an enlightening introduction to her oeuvre.
They are looking at us, we are looking at them
Saturday 25 May 2019 - Sunday 22 September 2019 from 10:00 to 19:00
Individual visitors
New performances and installations of the Belgian artist Ria Pacquée.
Saturday 25 May 2019 - Sunday 22 September 2019 from 10:00 to 19:00
Individual visitors
The first solo exhibition in Belgium of the Cuban artist Ana Mendieta.
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A number of artworks in our wider collection are definitely considered relevant for art history. Each of them are artistic highlights in their own way, illustrating a specific movement or development in the field of sculpture.