Art in the park

In addition to the sculptures in the museum park, which give an overview of more than one hundred years of sculpture, the museum also regularly hosts solo and group exhibition as well as developing themed exhibitions with sculptures from the museum’s permanent collection. The park itself is also a prime example of landscape art.
Permanent collection

The Middelheim Museum collection features approximately 1800 works of art, collected over a period of more than 50 years. Works date from around 1900 to the present and provide an excellent international overview of modern and contemporary art.

You can also consult our entire collection online.

View the collection online here

In the spotlight
A number of artworks in our wider collection are definitely considered relevant for art history.
The collection is continually expanding. Works are added to the collection following acquisitions, donations or loans.
Throughout its history, the museum park underwent a fascinating transformation.
A serene exhibition concept which knows how to seamlessly weave architecture art and nature together.
Renaat Braem designed a pavilion as well as an exceptional architectural gem.
Collection pavilion
In the pavilion, you can (re)discover hidden works from the collection of the Middelheim Museum. Just over 80% of the works of art in the collection are stored in depots that are closed to visitors. Because the museum wants to offer maximum access to the collections in all their diversity, it has now transformed one such closed repository into an open display area. An initial selection of artworks has been unpacked there and put on display for the public.
Temporary exhibitions

Several times a year contemporary artists exhibit in the park at the invitation of the Middelheim Museum. Our curators invite artists from the national and international arts scene for solo or group exhibitions, to show existing works as well as new works that were specially created for the Middelheim Museum.

Here is a list of previous exhibitions.