Work of art in focus

At the back of the collection pavilion, one work occupies the spotlight. The aim is to discover, together with the public, how works of art collect additional meanings and sometimes evolve physically. The first work to set the tone is Résidence Terrestre (1995) by Michel François.

Artwork in focus

At the back of the pavilion there is room to focus in depth on a single artwork and to examine it from different angles. Among other things, it is possible to show additional documentation and artistic context, relating it to other works of art. These may be works from the museum’s own collection, but works of art from other museums or collectors may also be presented there temporarily.


#1 Résidence Terrestre (1995) by Michel François

Résidence Terrestre is to be shown to the public of the Middelheim Museum again for the first time in 22 years. It was put briefly on display in the Braem pavilion when it was purchased in 1997, and then disappeared in storage.

Presenting Résidence Terrestre entails far more than unpacking, to wit re-installation, conservation and updating, whereby museum staff, conservators, the artist and visitors as well, have a role to play. You can see how the artist goes about and hear his explanations in a film produced specially for this presentation, on screen in the small projection room.



The museum also wants to actively investigate which values visitors consider important, and which interpretations and meanings they will add. In addition, there will be experiments with new mediation instruments and participation models, which the museum will deploy to strengthen the relationship between the visitor and the museum’s collection as well as to learn from the public.

We invite you to discover the work of art and share your views with us.