Our extensive archive is used by our staffers but is also open to anyone else with a keen interest in sculpture. Over 50,000 publications provide an overview of sculpture from Rodin to the present.

The library is housed in the orangerie, and provides information about the museum collection as well as sculpture in general and art in public spaces. It contains around 50,000 publications about sculpture, from the time period of Rodin onwards. The library also manages the museum’s archive.

The library primarily provides support for the museum’s activities by sharing information to the museum’s scientific staff and museum guides. It is also open to researchers, students, teachers (accompanied by small groups of students) and anyone who is interested in modern and contemporary sculpture.


Practical information

In times of COVID-19, the library collection can only be consulted by appointment.

Anyone can use the library free of charge.


  • Make an appointment before your visit. You can book a morning or an afternoon, just one or several at the time.
  • When making an appointment, please provide the titles of all the books and magazines you wish to consult. If possible, the library staff can collect additional books/magazines during your visit.
  • Copying is not possible, scanning is subject to conditions and is free of charge. Taking photos/scans with your own camera or smartphone is allowed. If possible, we can scan the necessary articles or images for you so you do not have to visit the Middelheim Museum.
  • Bring your own laptop. The public computer is out of use.
  • Wearing a face mask is recommended. This does not apply to children under 12 or to people who cannot wear a face mask for medical reasons.
  • Disinfect your hands before entering.
  • In the parts of the collection that are freely accessible, you can take your own books or magazines from the shelf. Disinfect your hands and don't put the books back yourself.
  • The library does not lend publications out.

Measures we are implementing for a safe environment

  • Only one visitor to the reading room at a time.
  • The library staff will wear masks.
  • We collect consultation material with disinfected hands.
  • Consultation material is stored separately after your visit.
  • Furniture and appliances are cleaned after every visitor.


Online library catalogue

Check the library catalogue

  • You can use the online catalogue to select various items and store them in a reading list, which you can e-mail directly to the library. Your order will await you at the designated time.