Public programme


Make your visit to Congoville even more interesting. Take a tour with a museum guide and discover the exhibition from a new, different perspective or learn about the themes through recorded conversations. Discover the full range here.
Out and about in the exhibition
The free visitors guide with a map and extensive information is a practical document that will guide you through the exhibition, giving you all the information you need.
Congoville Talk
In the run-up to the exhibition, we talked to some interesting guests. They all tell about the colonial traces, which are often hidden in plain sight and still affect our society today.
Listen to Bitshilualua Kabeya’s interview with Sandrine Colard, the curator of Congoville, while you walk through the exhibition. Kabeya, a student at an Antwerp university college, starts from her own perspective to discuss the exhibition’s concept, the invited artists and the relevance of ‘Congoville’ during this interview.
Mensen tijdens een rondleiding
A museum guide invites you to participate in active discussion on the Congoville themes during the tour.
Visiting the exhibition
Pascale Marthine Tayou, Colored Stones (detail) 2018. Courtesy the artist and GALLERIA CONTINUA, exhibition view Hedges, Edges, Dirt - ICA / VCU, Richmond, USA, 2018. copyright ADAGP, Paris. Photo by David Hunter Hale for ICA / VCU.
Contemporary artists tracing colonial tracks
Saturday 29 May 2021 - Sunday 03 October 2021 from 10:00 to 19:00
Individual visitors
An exhibition about the traces of the (post)colonial history of the Middelheim site. Several African and international artists will take the visitor on a walk.
Kunstwerk in het kunstpark
Virtual tour
Middelheim Museum is also offering a virtual tour of the Congoville exhibition, a first for the museum. Follow the online exhibition trail and enjoy high-resolution 360° views of all the artworks.
Kunstwerk in het kunstpark
In the spotlight
Meet the 15 international artists from the Congoville exhibition. As black flâneurs and flâneuses, they guide you through the site and the exhibition.