Pom’ po pon po pon pon pom pon

A non-comformist procession of sculptures


Pom’ po pon po pon pon pom pon is an outdoor group exhibition, developed by the artist Lieven Segers and museum director Sara Weyns.

It uses the impact of two works, both dating from 1961, namely Piero Manzoni’s “Socle du Monde” and Claes Oldenburg’s manifesto “I Am For… ” , as its starting point.

The exhibition mobilises works from the collection of the Middelheim Museum by artists such as Isa Genzken and Franz West, as well as inviting contemporary artists such as Aaron Curry, Guillaume Bijl and Vaast Colson for a series of temporary interventions. Some of these were created especially for the exhibition. Pom’ po pon po pon pon pom pon is (the sound of) a procession, a march, a parade, a quest. It is a rhythmical ode to the unlimited freedom that the arts may appropriate, simply by looking around and being inspired by mundane, daily matters.

Major artists from recent art history and masterpieces from the collection stand shoulder to shoulder with works by contemporary artists and items in the collection that tend to stand out less. Pom’ po pon po pon pon pom pon thus showcases the front and back end of the collection, and of art practice as a whole. At the same time, it creates a unique form and content, in a business-like and playful manner, paving the way for a new interpretation of the sculptures.

Each of these artworks champion a contrary view on art and life: these sculptures are interpretations of our world, which are flung back at us by the artists, in mutated or poetic form. The works on display reflect various eras, with a very eclectic formal language. And yet they all have something in common too: each of these works constitutes an artistic breakdown of expectations, something which is often paired with a contrary and anarchistic sense of humour.


Participating artists

Dennis Tyfus - Jose Vermeersch - Rik Wouters - Roman Signer - Isa Genzken - Jean Bernard Koeman - Alexander Calder - Michel François -Frank Koolen - Olivier Strebelle - Aaron Curry - Raymond Duchamp-Villon - Joannis Avramadis - Jens Galschiot- Vaast Colson - Bernard Rosenthal - Franz West - Michel Martens - Carl André - Peter Rogiers - Jef Lambeaux - Henk Visch - Guillaume Bijl - Peter Fengler


Practical information



Opening hours

  • From October until March: from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.
  • Closed on Monday and 1 January


  • From 24 October 2015 as of 2.30 p.m.
  • Performance by Peter Fengler

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  • Introductory film: in the hallway of the castle
  • Visitor information: free