Performances Ria Pacquée


With the exhibition 'They are looking at us, we are looking at them' Belgian artist Ria Pacquée creates new performances and installations. In July and August, performances take place every Sunday, alternately by Ria Pacquée and other artists invited by her.
Sunday 07 July 2019 - 14:00
Individual visitors

These artists emphasize a number of key points in her own oeuvre: four women who embody the encounter between East and West by their origin, journey and/or work: they were born in the East (Japan, Philippines and South Korea), but have a clear connection to the West.

The opposite is true for Pacquée: Antwerp is her home, but her travels regularly take her to the East, often for extended periods. The five artists share a similar mentality in their search for connections but their work is highly individualistic and hyper-personal, and therefore very different. Ria Pacquée allows her guests complete freedom in developing their performance, its duration, and the choice of location in the Middelheim Museum.



  • Sunday 07/07 Suchan Kinoshita (°1960, Tokyo, lives and works in Brussels) often focuses on how we experience time and space, which changes throughout art disciplines and cultures.
  • Sunday 14/07 Ria Pacquée
  • Sunday 21/07 Tsubasa Hori (°1976, Kyoto, lives and works in Antwerp) seeks connection with the visual and performing arts through her very physical ‘music performances’.
  • Sunday 28/07 Ria Pacquée
  • Sunday 04/08 Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (°1970, Manila, lives and works in Copenhagen) approaches themes such as identity, culture and religion in a humorous yet critical manner.
  • Sunday 11/08 Ria Pacquée
  • Sunday 18/08 Minja Gu (°1977, South Korea, lives and works in Seoul after an education in Ghent) produces works focused on process and intention, which are very close to everyday life.
  • Sunday 25/08 Ria Pacquée



  • Start at 2 pm, at the steps of the Middelheim Castle.
  • Duration of the performances is variable
  • Free

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