Exhibition in a Matchbox


Under the supervision of the Antwerp artist Hans Wuyts sixteen young artists worked on one sculpture together: Artists Residence.

Sixteen young artists, under the supervision of the Antwerp artist Hans Wuyts, spent three months on the former building of the city’s environmental department, where they engaged in a dialogue with each other and the building. Together they worked to create one sculpture, entitled ‘Artists Residence’. One artwork, a “total experience” of young talented artists from very different disciplines, with different origins, visions and opportunities.

Young talented artists, an exceptional location and a special project… This is more than just an average exhibition. That is why these young artists have also decided to organise other events onsite every Saturday in September. Something different every week, a surprise every week…

You will find how, what and when on time and on their blog. All the practical information, a glimpse of the ongoing work and a commentary of the event can be found online at http://exhibitioninamatchbox.blogspot.com.

A special project in an exceptional location. The perfect way to kick off the cultural autumn of Middelheimproducties!


Participating artists:

  • Leon Vranken
  • Vaast Colson
  • Erki De Vries
  • Ilke De Vries
  • Pieter Huybrechts
  • Bissy Bunder
  • Rinus Van De Velde
  • Jasper Rigole
  • Philippe van Wolputte
  • Ludo Mich
  • Lieven Segers
  • Sarah & Charles
  • Joris van de Moortel
  • Chris Gillis
  • Rufus Michielsen
  • Emi kodama
  • Hans Wuyts