AD ID TEMPORIS: Angela Glajcar

The German artist Angela Glajcar created a custom monumental paper sculpture on the ceiling of the modern Sint-Anna-ten-Drieën Church.

Angela Glajcar is a professional and full-time artist who also lectures in higher education. She is well-known in Germany and exhibited her work in the Netherlands, Spain and Italy. The premiere in Belgium will take place in Sint-Anna-ten-Drieën Church. The paper sculpture was made specially for the church, in accordance with its dimensions. Angela Glajcar worked with volunteers of the not-for-profit association Anna3 for the development and realisation of this project.


Workshops on request

ANNA3 organises workshops for children and teens together with the Middelheim Museum. Children must be born in the year 2000 or earlier. The number of participants is limited to maximum 15 participants per workshop. The workshop is cancelled if there are fewer than 10 entries.

After a guided visit to Angela Glajcar’s sculpture you set to work with the same paper as the paper of which the sculpture is made. The workshops are given by a guide of the Middelheim Museum but are held in Sint-Anna-ten-Drieën Church in Hanegraefstraat 1 in Antwerp.

Practical information

  • Wednesday 7 April 2010 from 1.30 p.m. until 4 p.m.
  • Wednesday 14 April 2010 from 1.30 p.m. until 4 p.m.
  • Price per participant: € 7 (including all materials)
  • Register beforehand by e-mail to (state the number of participants and the date of the workshop of your choice).


Workshops for associations or schools

Now you can also book workshops for your association or school through We set a date together with you. The number of participants per workshops is limited to maximum 15 participants. If your group or class is larger, then we can work with two guides for two parallel workshops.

The cost for every workshop of 15 participants is €70, which includes materials.

Further information:

ANNA3 has partnered with the Middelheim Museum for this project which is recognised as a Middelheim production.